Dr. Ross Baker, C-QuIPS Director of Graduate Studies, has been named as the new Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Quarterly

Congratulations to Dr. Baker on this exciting new role.  Read more in Healthcare Quarterly.

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Matlow, whose Canadian Paediatric Adverse Events Study was published in CMAJ in July 2012

Co-authored with other C-QuIPS faculty, read more on "Adverse events among children in Canadian hospitals: the Canadian Paediatric Adverse Events Study" in CMAJ.

The Centre was awarded the 2010-2011 Colin Woolf Award for Excellence in Course Coordination for the Certificate in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Congratulations to Dr. Etchells and the rest of the planning committee!

ed award
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Dr. Ed Etchells (Former Associate Director, C-QuIPS) left, Dr. Dimitri Anastakis (Interim Vice-Dean, Continuing Education & Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto) right.

Dr. Chris Parshuram is featured in The Vancouver Sun article: Drug changes needed to improve dose accuracy for children

Read the article in the Vancouver Sun.

Read the cited article in CMAJ.