Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Core Members

Core members with C-QuIPS are members of one of the University of Toronto Faculties with research, teaching, administrative, or other professional activities interests that align with C-QuIPS' mission, and who are actively involved in research or educational activities with C-QuIPS. While their primary affiliation typically still lies with another Department or academic unit of some kind, core members participate in Centre educational and research activities in a consistent and robust manner. They typically have led sessions at symposia, frequently teach in educational offerings from the Centre, or frequently collaborate in research projects with other members of the Centre. They may also be asked to supervise or mentor trainees associated with C-QuIPS education programs.

If you are actively working in the field of patient safety and quality improvement and would like to be considered as a Core Member with the Centre, please send a short bio and a copy of you C.V. to 


Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Affiliate Members

C-QuIPS affiliate members are also University of Toronto faculty members, with research or educational activities that align with the mission of the Centre. They help advance the mission of the Centre through research or education when opportunities arise, but their collaboration in research or educational activities with the Centre is more ad hoc. Affiliate members often attend C-QuIPS events and may occasionally be asked to present at Centre rounds or symposia, collaborate on a research project, or act as a guest lecturer in the Certificate Course in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.

If you would like to would like to be considered an affiliate member, please send a short bio and a copy of your C.V. to


Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety General Members

General membership is offered to anyone who has demonstrated interest in Quality Improvement or Patient Safety. General members will be included on the C-QuIPS mailing list and will be invited to all general C-QuIPS events.

If you would like to receive information about Centre for Quality Improvement and Patients Safety events and other information, please send your contact information to Lisha Lo at


The categories above do not reflect the level of a person's expertise or interest in either patient safety or health care quality. Rather, they reflect the level of involvement an individual has in activities led by the Centre. Numerous individuals within the UofT community have expertise in, for instance, epidemiology. But only some of them have appointments in the School of Public Health. And, among those who do, some have adjunct appointments while others are core faculty members. Similarly, many individuals in the UofT community have expertise, advanced training, or interests in patient safety and healthcare quality. But, we have to distinguish those who are directly involved in activities carried out by the Centre from those have had more occasional involvement and from others who just want to be kept in the loop about Centre events.