Dr. Trey Coffey, MD, FAAP, FRCPC

Associate Director and Site Director, Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Coffey was inspired to pursue quality and safety during her residency at Seattle Children's Hospital and brought her passion to SickKids and the University of Toronto upon joining the Department of Paediatrics in 2005. While working as a busy hospitalist on the 7BCD wards, Trey has co-chaired the Pediatric Medicine's Quality Committee, completed the U of T Certificate in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, and become steadily more involved in hospital-wide and multi-site projects.

In 2006, Trey embarked on the implementation of medication reconciliation as part of the Safer Health Care Now! Campaign. She later published a series of papers on the subject, one of which was the first research paper on medication reconciliation in pediatrics. Building on an interest in disclosure of medical error, Trey published a mixed-methods study on resident attitudes around disclosure and is currently working on a qualitative study of parents' needs around disclosure and a collaboration with Drs. Lynfa Stroud and Brian Wong to evaluate a multi-specialty disclosure curriculum utilizing standardized patient encounters. Under the mentorship of Dr. Anne Matlow, Trey participated in the Canadian Pediatric Adverse Events Study.

More recently, Trey has become interested in the area of teamwork and communication (TWC). She was the lead for the only non-US site in the I-PASS study which evaluated the impact of a TWC-based resident handoff curriculum at nine sites across North America (Dr. Christopher Landrigan, PI). The I-PASS Study was a landmark multi-site patient safety study and was published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine. Trey is now site lead for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute funded "Bringing I-PASS to the bedside" project and a mentor in the Society for Hospital Medicine's IPASS mentored implementation project.

Trey's most important and enjoyed activity remains hands-on improvement in the organizational context. She is very fortunate to be part of a SickKids team which is embracing the LEAN-based Daily Continuous Improvement Program. With her combined roles of Associate Director at the University of Toronto Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Medical Officer for Patient Safety at SickKids, executive member of the Pediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community, and lead of the Ontario Pediatric Patient Safety Collaborative, Trey is working to bring awareness of the latest safety innovations to SickKids and also to facilitate the spread and uptake of safety innovations.