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The three categories of CQuIPS memberships are core, affiliate and general. These categories do not reflect the level of a person’s expertise or interest in either quality improvement or patient safety. Rather, they reflect the level of involvement an individual has in activities led by the Centre.

Numerous individuals within the University of Toronto community have expertise in, for instance, epidemiology. But only some of them have appointments in the School of Public Health. And, among those who do, some have adjunct appointments while others are core faculty members. Similarly, many individuals in the University community have expertise, advanced training or interests in quality improvement and patient safety. However, we have to distinguish those who are directly involved in activities carried out by the Centre from those who have had more occasional involvement and others who just want to be kept in the loop about Centre events.

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Core members

CQuIPS core members have a leadership role with CQuIPS. This can include being core faculty for a CQuIPS program or leading research or other professional activities associated with CQuIPS (e.g., EQUIP faculty, principal or senior investigator on CQuIPS research project or grant, project lead on a CQuIPS QI or Centre initiative).

Affiliate members

CQuIPS affiliate members actively support CQuIPS education, research or other professional activities. This can include providing coaching support or acting as a guest presenter for CQuIPS programs or collaborating on a CQuIPS research or QI project (e.g., CQuIPS certificate course coach, co-investigator on a CQuIPS research study).

General members

CQuIPS general members are not actively involved in CQuIPS work or activities. They receive regular updates as part of the broader CQuIPS community. To become a general member, subscribe to our mailing list.

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