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What is C-QuIPS?

The Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (C-QuIPS) is a joint partnership between the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and three of its major teaching hospitals, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the Hospital for Sick Children (‘SickKids’), and the Women’s College Hospital. The University constituted C-QuIPS as an Extra- Departmental Unit (a so-called ‘EDU’), defined as a flexible, multidisciplinary entity organized around emerging areas of research and teaching that span traditional disciplines.

Our Mission

C-QuIPS mission is to accelerate and deepen the work of people and organizations that are passionate about enhancing quality and patient safety.

C-QuIPS staff and core members have produced papers and obtained grants in greater numbers than any comparable Canadian centre and on par with prominent international comparators. Our staff and core members have published papers and obtain grants (and have done so at an impressive rate). We chose to develop education and training programs as we believed that equipping clinicians and health care managers with the skills to carry out successful improvement projects in their own clinical settings would provide greater immediate benefits to local institutions and even longer-term benefits to the health care system at large. In recent years, we have developed a research program intrinsic to C-QuIPS. We continue to regard capacity building in QI through our educational programs as the centrepiece of C-QuIPS.


The three categories of CQuIPS membership are core, affiliate and general membership. These categories reflect the level of involvement an individual has in activities led by the Centre.

Core Members

C-QuIPS core members are University of Toronto faculty members, with research or educational activities that align with the mission of the Centre. Core members are participate in Centre educational and research activities in a consistent and robust manner. They frequently lead and/or teach for CQuIPS education programs, present at symposia and/or collaborate on research projects with other members of the Centre. They may also supervise C-QUIPS education program participants.

Affiliated Members

C-QuIPS affiliate members are University of Toronto faculty members, with research or educational activities that align with the mission of the Centre. They help advance the mission of the Centre through research or education when opportunities arise, but their collaboration in research or educational activities with the Centre is more ad hoc. Affiliate members often attend C-QUIPS events and may occasionally be asked to collaborate on a research project, provide a lecture in one of the Centre’s education programs or present at rounds or symposia.


General membership is offered to anyone who has demonstrated interest in quality improvement or patient safety. General members are included on the CQuIPS mailing list and invited to CQuIPS events.

External Reviews & Progress Reports

As an extra-departmental unit (EDU) of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, C-QuIPS has engaged in both a five-year and a ten-year standard external review process. Both reviews were extremely positive demonstrating the exceptional progress of the Centre. Over the past 10 years, C-QuIPS has demonstrated phenomenal productivity in terms of the number and diversity of QI trained health professionals from multiple disciplines and scholarly output. The centre has moved beyond the proof of concept phase since its value has been clearly established in terms of contributing to continuing professional development in quality and safety along the continuum of health professions education.

Organizational Structure

C-QuIPS is an Extra-Departmental Unit (EDU), defined by the University as a flexible, multidisciplinary entity organized around emerging research and teaching areas that cut across traditional disciplines and departments. The University constituted C-QuIPS as an EDU:C, meaning that we do not appoint faculty members or admit students ( Departmental_Units.htm). Consistent with the model for other multi-departmental academic units at the University of Toronto, the Governance of the Centre for Patient Safety consists of an Executive Committee and an Advisory Council.

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