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Thank you for your interest in becoming a CQuIPS member! Please read the descriptions below carefully and then select which category you are applying for.

CORE members have a leadership role with CQuIPS. This can include:

  • Being a course director or core faculty member for a CQuIPS education program (certificate course, EQUIP or VAQS)
  • Serving as the principal or senior investigator on a CQuIPS research project and/or grant
  • Leading or co-leading a CQuIPS QI project and/or strategic initiative

AFFILIATE members actively support CQuIPS education, research or other professional activities. This can include:

  • Guest speaking and/or coaching for a CQuIPS education program (certificate course, EQUIP)
  • Teaching for the Co-Learning Curriculum in QI and/or providing direct supervision for the resident QI project
  • Teaching and/or coaching for the IHPME QIPS Master’s program
  • Teaching a CQUIPS+ education offering (e.g., workshop, masterclass, primer)
  • Being a co-investigator on a CQuIPS research project and/or grant
  • Being a key collaborator on a CQuIPS QI project and/or strategic initiative
  • Enabling or supporting the work of CQuIPS members and learners through a leadership role in either a clinical institution or academic department
  • Playing a lead role on a research, education and/or QI initiative that is aligned with CQuIPS’ mission and vision WHERE a CQuIPS leadership team member is a key collaborator

GENERAL members are not actively involved in CQuIPS work or activities. They receive regular updates as part of the broader CQuIPS community


  • Name and organization on CQuIPS website
  • Free CQUIPS+ membership for the duration of membership
  • CQuIPS promotion and support as appropriate

Core – all affiliate membership benefits, plus:

  • Bio on CQuIPS website
  • CQuIPS mentorship and leadership opportunities as appropriate

If you currently do not meet core or affiliate member requirements but would like to become more involved with the Centre, please email us.

E.g. Jane Doe
E.g. Sunnybrook
.g. Social Worker/Quality Improvement Specialist
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