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Call for abstracts: share your learnings with the world on CQUIPS+

The quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) community will soon have a new virtual platform to share their work – CQUIPS+. The online hub is launching in April as a way to connect QIPS professionals and researchers.

“COVID-19 changed a lot for us in the clinical community but it made it all the more important that we keep sharing our research and findings – both about COVID-19 and all other QIPS projects,” said Dr. Brian Wong, C-QuIPS Director. “C-QuIPS couldn’t host our physical symposium last year where we would normally have a poster presentation, so we thought, let’s bring it online and make it easier for anyone – not just in Toronto – to share their work.”

C-QuIPS just announced a call for abstracts – submissions are encouraged to focus on either a QIPS project that demonstrates results and/or lessons learned, or QIPS-focused research. The posters will be available on the CQUIPS+ platform in May and, because of the virtual format, will be visible to a much broader audience than a traditional in-person symposium. In addition to viewing posters, visitors will be able to contribute to conversations about the projects, connect with presenters and watch videos of the presenters themselves talking about their work.

CQUIPS+ members will also have access to an ongoing speaker series, a discounted rate for QIPS workshops and masterclasses and the ability to connect and network with QIPS peers.

“CQUIPS+ is a meeting and collaboration space,” said Dr. Wong. “Members can create their own profiles and find others working on similar projects or who have similar interests. We know that quality improvement and patient safety are critical to our health care system becoming more resilient and more equitable and we want this platform to be one of the building blocks to support that happening.”

The deadline for abstract submissions is March 21, 2021. See full submission guidelines on our website and submit your abstract here.

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