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Invited Speaker Rounds: Friday, August 16th, 2013 @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Amatai Ziv, Israel Center for Medical Simulation

Title: Simulation and Patient Safety: A Meet the Professor with Amitai Ziv

Professor Amitai Ziv, a pediatrician and an ex-Air Force pilot, is helping transform the way medical and other community service professionals (from healthcare professionals and social workers to secondary educators) are trained and evaluated, in order to enhance the social and professional skill sets of these professions.

Prof Ziv, a leader in simulation-based medical education (SBME) has brought together diverse stakeholders—from professional training institutions, to research centers, HMOs and hospitals, to government agencies and certification bodies—to reach professional communities worldwide which need to improve their training processes as well as their professional preparedness and clinical delivery effectiveness. SBME is bringing about a “safety revolution”—offering a significant step forward in improving patient care, reducing medical error, and embedding a systemic and transparent quality improvement process into often old and conservative training regimes, thus contributing to a deep change in patient safety culture of today’s healthcare systems.

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