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What is Organizational QI Development?

Our team works with health care organizations, including acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centres and ambulatory care clinics, to deliver QI training in an engaging and contextually relevant format to groups of clinical and non-clinical staff, with the aim of developing organizational capacity to successfully implement QI solutions.

What Is The C-QuIPS Advantage?

All workshop facilitators are University of Toronto faculty members and front-line clinicians actively involved in care delivery who have a wealth of experience leading QI initiatives in multiple care settings.

We offer a menu of topics that organizations can choose from, and make every effort to incorporate examples relevant to your organization’s clinical areas and patient populations.

We offer the opportunity for organizational quality and safety leaders to co-design workshop content and use ongoing QI initaitives as examples for interactive learning exercises.

Beyond group training activities, our expert faculty can provide ongoing 1-on-1 consultation and support teams working on specific QI projects to advance quality and safety in high priority areas.

Our interactive group workshops include up-to-date content that draws upon contemporary examples and best practices to illustrate optimal ways of executing QI work.

Who Is Our Target Audience?

We work with small and large healthcare organizations across different sectors, including acute and ambulatory care settings. Our client organizations typically have a strong commitment towards QI and are seeking to build capacity among their interprofessional team members to lead and contribute to system-wide QI initiatives.

We have years of experience teaching QI to learners across all career stages and levels of QI expertise. Our engaging and interactive learning methods are highly relevant for participants with clinical and non-clinical backgrounds alike and are designed to allow learners with different roles and perspectives to learn together.

What We Do

We start with a series of planning meetings to establish the main goals for organizational QI development, and learn about the organization’s strategic QI priorities, ongoing QI initiatives, and the clinicians and staff that will participate in the group training experience.

Our team then creates a detailed training plan that incorporates QI topics selected by the client organization, and customize it to include examples that relate directly to the organization’s clinical areas of focus.

Three of our expert faculty spend a full-day facilitating interactive group learning for up to 40 individuals.
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Past Client Organizations


“Throughout the program, we heard participants echoing pearls of wisdom from the QI education. It was the perfect balance of providing new information, facilitating application of the knowledge and coaching through to action.”

Dr. Barbara Liu Executive Director,
Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto

“The C-QuIPS faculty’s experience with clinical medicine, knowledge of adult learning styles, expertise in publication, and engaging personalities met the needs of a broad range of learners.”

Dr. Roseanne C. Berger Sr. Associate Dean,
Graduate Medical Education, University at Buffalo

“We were truly impressed and appreciative of the C-QuIPS team’s willingness to partner with our local experts to customize the training examples to our organization’s clinical context. The opportunity to work with experienced C-QUIPS faculty to design and deliver an impactful training program helped us advance our organization’s QI capacity building efforts.”

Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam
VP Education, CAMH

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