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RIP Rounds: Friday, February 20th, 2015 @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Lisa K. Hicks
Title: Reframing Overutilization in Healthcare: It’s the harms that matter
Description: The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and others have suggested that overutilization is widespread in medicine and may contribute to as much as one-third of healthcare spending. Discussions of overutilization by the IOM and others have tended to focus on the economic aspects of the problem. An alternate, and possibly more effective approach is to focus on the harms that overutilization can cause.

Lisa is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto where she is appointed as a Clinician in Quality and Innovation. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Epidemiology and advanced training in Quality Improvement through the VAQS program. Lisa leads the Choosing Wisely campaign for the American Society of Hematology and is engaged in health services research focused on optimizing the quality and safety of cancer care.

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