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RIP Rounds: Wednesday, Nov 19th, 2014 @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Carol Fancott

Title: “Letting stories breathe”: Using patient stories for organizational learning and improvement

Description: Carol’s thesis study: ‘Letting stories breathe’: Using patient stories for organizational learning and improvement aims to learn from those healthcare organizations that have had success in using patient stories to learn and improve their care and service delivery. This study has been guided by three main research questions: 1. How are patient stories used in deliberate and systematic ways by individuals and teams within the context of their everyday practice? 2. What are the facilitators and barriers of learning from patient stories by individuals and teams within the organization? 3. What are the elements of the story that resonate with the audience to move learning to action? A typology of stories has emerged, along with the storytellers who share their experiences in purposeful ways. Through a lens of organizational learning, the mechanisms by which organizations support these stories, that allow them to breathe and to act in ways that promote learning and change will also be explored.

Carol Fancott is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. She is an Advanced Practice Leader for Patient Safety at Toronto Rehab – UHN, where her work focuses on broader engagement strategies for patients in quality and safety. Carol is trained as a physical therapist, and is a Lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy.

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