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Work in Progress Rounds: Thursday, May 5th @ 12-1PM

Speaker(s): Dr. Lianne Jeffs and Michelle Zahradnik
Title: Keeping on Track and Moving Forward Antimicrobial Stewardship Using Quality Improvement Methods and Sustainability Planning
 A body of empirical evidence exists on the benefits of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs (ASPs) however, less is known about what components within ASPs and what factors and conditions influence the sustainability of ASPs. In response, a Quality Improvement strategy with integrated sustainability planning was developed to improve and sustain ASPs. The developed ASP-SUSTAIN project combines interactive learning, coaching and mentorship within a networked Communities of Practice (CoP) model to improve and sustain four local ICU ASPs. The objectives of the project are to facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of sustainability plans with local teams. Four teams from different hospital ICUs are working on project topics which range from reducing the duration of empiric therapy to improving antimicrobial discussion during daily rounds through nurse engagement. The learning framework, team projects, evaluation framework and preliminary findings will be discussed during this seminar.

Speaker(s): Drs. Geetha Mukerji and Ilana Halperin

Title: Balanced scorecard development for ambulatory diabetes care: a multi-site quality initiative
Description: The goal of this quality initiative is to develop and implement a set of appropriate indicators for diabetes care in the form of a balanced scorecard. The indicators will be translated into a balanced scorecard for diabetes care to compare and monitor performance, analyze programmatic strengths and weaknesses, and track progress and improvement in diabetes care. The resulting scorecard will be pilot tested and implemented in ambulatory care diabetes clinics across five Toronto academic health centres.


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