4th Annual Symposium (Oct 2, 2012)

At our 4th Annual Symposium at the Westin Harbour Castle on Oct 2, 2012, we had over 200 particpants who attended the enlightening and lively keynote given by Dr. Steve Muething on Cincinnati's Children's "Journey Towards Zero Harm."  As well, other local, national and international speakers during the workshops were well-liked and well-attended.

3rd Annual Symposium (Nov 9, 2011)

The Centre held its third annual symposium at the Metropolitan on November 9th, 2011.  The keynote, Dr. Eric Thomas, Director of the University of Texas Houston-Memorial Hermann Center for Healthcare Quality and Safety delivered a timely presentation on teamwork and culture as the key to patient safety.  Locally, we also had Dr. Bruce Ballon, Director of Education, SIM-one discuss how simulation and education can be used to enhance patient safety.  

2nd Annual Symposium (Sept 30, 2010)

Pursuing Organizational Excellence

On September 30th, 2010, the Centre held its second annual symposium at the Metropolitan Hotel, with the event preceded by a pre-symposium presentation given by Dr. Lucian Leape, well-known as the "grandfather" of the patient safety movement.  The event featured a panel on the MOH Excellent Care for All Act with leaders from two partner institutions: Dr. Barry McLellan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Mary Jo Haddad, CEO, Hospital for Sick Children, as well as Tom Closson, CEO, The Ontario Hospital Association and Adalsteinn Brown, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.  The keynote was given by international speaker, Dr. Thomas H. Lee, on "Quality Improvement Through Effective Leadership and Organizational Change.

Inaugural Annual Symposium (Oct 21, 2009)

Achieving synergy between academic and operational efforts to improve patient safety

On October 21st, 2009, the Centre held its first annual symposium. The event featured presentations by local, national and international leaders in the science of patient safety, including people who have successfully improved patient safety by synergizing research with local operational efforts.  Leaders from the three partner institutions, Dr. Catharine Whiteside, Dean of Medicine, Dr. Barry McLellan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Dr. Larry Roy, VP Medical and Academic Affairs, Hospital for Sick Children, each delivered a welcome, as did Dr. Chris Hayes, Medical Officer of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.  Our speakers included: Tejal Gandhi MD, Uma Kotagal MBBS, Michael Baker MD, Chris Parshuram MD, Linda McGillis Hall PhD, Alan Forster MD, Dante Morra MD and Robin McLeod MD