The TAHSN Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) Community of Practice (CoP) is a partnership between Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) hospitals and Toronto-based QIPS-focused groups, organizations and institutions.

Why a CoP?

QIPS initiatives are key to improving outcomes and experience for both patients and staff, and many healthcare organizations and academic departments have QIPS roles, committees, appointments and groups to support this work. While there are some examples of joint efforts across these groups, many work in silos – despite the fact that the most promising advancement opportunities require collaboration across boundaries. We believe a community of practice will leverage the unique strengths and increase the overall success of these groups, as well as support macrosystem-level changes needed to transform the healthcare system.


  • Strengthen communication among members of the QIPS community through knowledge exchange and translation
  • Leverage unique strengths and areas of expertise within QIPS units, groups and organizations
  • Identify priority areas for collaborative action and focused research and scholarship

Work streams

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