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Our Research Impact

Through our capacity building efforts over the past five years, C-QuIPS has grown to 28 staff and core members committed to advancing QI/PS practice and research. From 2012 to August 2017, 25 C-QuIPS members published 276 peer-reviewed articles related to patient safety or quality improvement. Google Scholar identifies 3,538 citations to these C-QuIPS publications, for a group h-index of 27 (a few individual members have much higher h-indices in the 40-50 range) and an average of 12 citations per publication. Individual C-QuIPS members have also participated as principal or co-investigators on grants totaling over $50M. Other research highlights include:

Core Member Research Interests

C-QuIPS core members lead groundbreaking research on a wide range of quality improvement and patient safety topics. Click on a tile below to see which C-QuIPS core members have active research programs in a specific area of focus.


The impact of our Centre’s research can be demonstrated in the many publications produced by our staff and core members, including a number in high impact journals such as JAMA, Academic Medicine, and BMJ Quality & Safety, covering a wide range of topics related to QI/PS. As shown in figure below, staff and core members published 529 papers between Jan 2012 and July 2019. These papers have been cited 10698 times, for a group h-index of 45 (a few individual members have much higher h-indices) and group i-10 index of 213, with an average of 20 citations per paper.

Citations of Publications by C-QuIPS Staff and Core Members

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