Bringing the QI Community together: Annual CQuIPS Symposium 2023

On November 1st, 2023, The Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (CQuIPS) hosted a dynamic symposium with over of over 225 interprofessional quality improvers from 50 different organizations in attendance. This gathering brought together unique organizations and individuals from large healthcare institutions, small community hospitals to home and community care centres. The attendees varied from entry level QI professionals, medical students, professors and senior leaderships.  The energy and excitement around connecting with people was palpable throughout the day. The Symposium featured not only innovative breakout workshops but also inspiring plenary sessions. These plenaries, marked by thought-provoking presentations and discussions, added a layer of motivation and visionary thinking to the symposium.

Opening remarks from CQuIPS Director, Dr. Brian Wong and Dr. Andy Smith, the President and CEO of Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, kicked off the day that was filled with diverse speakers and leaders delivering inspiring plenary sessions and interactive workshops. These sessions aimed not only to inform but to create connections, offering attendees a broader perspective on the challenges and opportunities within healthcare quality improvement.

Dr. Hardeep Singh (Annual CQuIPS Symposium 2023)

The opening plenary featured Dr. Hardeep Singh, Professor of Medicine at the Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness and Safety (IQuEST), based at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Centre and Bayler College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His talk “Making Diagnostic Safety the Centrepiece of Quality Improvement Activities in Healthcare” looked at approaches to understand the complexity of diagnostic error strategies and prevent them in clinical practice. Additionally, Dr. Singh evaluated how clinicians and organizations can identify, measure and learn from diagnostic errors and reviewed potential measurements method and interventions.

The breakout sessions also served as forums for thought-provoking discussions on relevant issues in quality improvement. Panel discussions featuring experts from diverse backgrounds explored topics such as equity in healthcare, the intersection of climate change and patient care, and the evolving role of interprofessional collaboration in improving healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Trey Coffey (Annual CQuIPS Symposium 2023)

To round off the day, Dr. Trey Coffey, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Medical Affairs and Quality at Sickkids, offered a closing plenary from both a local and international perspective to describe the key ingredients to successfully testing, scaling and sustaining improvements aimed at reducing harm to hospital staff and patients. 

By incorporating inspiring plenaries, innovative poster presentations and stimulating workshops, the CQuIPS Symposium went beyond disseminating information and fostered a space to support the QIPS community. The sessions and networking opportunities fueled the passion of quality improvers, encouraging collaboration and continuous innovation.

The Annual CQuIPS Symposium not only provided a platform for networking and hands-on learning but demonstrated the transformative work that has been done and continues to happen in healthcare quality improvement. 

We look forward to our next Symposium in 2024!

Note: the Annual CQuIPS Symposium plenary sessions were recorded and available to CQuIPS+ members through the Member Resources page. 

Sue Bookey-Basset and Brian Wong
Brian Wong and Paige Reason

Congratulations to the Best Short Presentation winners!:

The Underuse of Medical Interpretation Services: A Human Factors Analysis on Why They Aren’t Used Enough and How Their Usage Can Be Increased – Soyun Oh, Myrtede Alfred, Dhruv Nayyar (Not pictured)

Implementation of a standardized point-of-care disinfectant program to reduce the incidence of Healthcare-Associated Infections – Paige Reason, Victoria Williams, Lorraine Maze dit Mieusement, Heather Candon, Danielle Camacho, Payton Bayley, Ashley James, Luke Sequeira, Melisa Avaness, Jaclyn O’Brien, Lisa Cheung, Vriza Patel, Karoleen Volpentesta, Eugene Lee, Jerome Leis

Using Computer Simulation to Reveal the Relationships Between Healthcare System Design, Nurse Workload and Care Quality – Sue Bookey-Bassett, Sadeem M. Qureshi, Helen Kelly, Michael Greig, Kevin Woo, Marcus Yung, Raymond Tran, James Hanratty, W. Patrick Neumann


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