CQuIPS Improvement Fellowship


Dr. Joanne Goldman

Course Coordinator


  • CQuIPS’ SickKids location – 525 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2L3, Canada.
  • The majority of meetings happen virtually over Zoom

Time Commitment

Monthly two-hour Fellowship meetings (September to June)

Fellowship aims

  • Provide individuals who have completed certificate and graduate programs in QIPS or related-fields the opportunity to further develop their QIPS experience, expertise and leadership.
  • Mentor Fellows on their improvement, research or education initiatives based in their own healthcare organizations or settings.
  • Foster a community of Fellows to learn with and from one another.
  • Integrate Fellows into CQuIPS initiatives that advance the Centre’s overall mission and strategic priorities.


The CQuIPS Fellowship consists of the following core components:

  •  QI project/research: Fellows meet with an assigned CQuIPS mentor to identify personalized goals and an activity plan. Based on their interests and priorities, Fellows are embedded on CQuIPS projects/initiatives. Alternatively, Fellows could bring their own project/initiative to the Fellowship program if it is determined to have alignment with the interests and expertise of CQuIPS mentors. Projects aligned with the CQuIPS priorities of equity and health system resilience are of particular interest.
  •  Choosing Wisely Canada-CQuIPS Improvement Fellowship: At least one of the Fellowship positions is a joint CQuIPS-Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) Fellowship. CWC Fellows are embedded within CWC and align their initiatives with campaign priorities or national implementation activities.
  •  Monthly Fellowship meetings: Fellows participate in monthly two-hour meetings that are a combination of Fellow presentations, expert guest speakers and other formats such as journal club. The meetings are a combination of in-person and virtual gatherings.
  • CQuIPS involvement: Fellows are involved in CQuIPS activities in a way that is professionally meaningful and relevant to each Fellow. This could involve teaching in a CQuIPS education program, joining a CQUIPS+ work stream, becoming a member of a CQuIPS QI program with a community organization, etc.

Target Audience

  • Graduates of CQuIPS education programs (i.e., Certificate Course, EQUIP, VAQS, IHPME MSc in QIPS) or other university-based QIPS education program
  • Individuals from any healthcare professional training background and/or relevant graduate school training background, including administrators, quality and safety professionals and researchers
  • Applicants must attest to having protected time to carry out QIPS work and attend monthly Fellow sessions

Application deadline and process

Applications for the 2022-23 program year are now closed. They will reopen in January 2023. In the meantime, please send any inquiries to

To Apply

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