Camille Borromeo Denbigh (she/her)

Position: Communications Lead
Categories: Leadership Team

Camille Borromeo Denbigh, BA Hons., CE,  comes to CQuIPS with a background in public relations, communications and medical education. She completed her undergraduate studies in communications followed by post-graduate studies in public relations.  She manages a number of initiatives at the Centre which help foster and develop the QI community, both within and external to CQuIPS. In her work, she finds innovative ways to engage and mobilize new ways of thinking. Along with leading general communications strategies for the Centre, Camille also manages the TAHSN QIPS Community of Practice, a community that spans across 15 healthcare institutions and educational organizations. Camille is inspired to use to expertise to help integrate and connect the healthcare community in meaningful ways through education, research and scholarship.

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