Genevieve Bouchard Fortier

Categories: 2021 - 22 Fellows

Genevieve Bouchard-Fortier is a graduate of McGill University. While completing a residency program inthe Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Toronto, Genevieve obtained aMaster of Clinical Epidemiology focusing on cancer screening and cancer prevention at the HarvardSchool of Public Health. She completed her fellowship in gynecologic oncology at UofT, working at thesame time on understanding and improving the outcomes of minimally invasive surgeries forgynecologic oncology patients. More recently, she completed the C-QuIPS certificate course.Genevieve’s research and clinical interests include management of gestational trophoblastic disease aswell as development of quality metrics to improve gynecologic oncology care.Genevieve is a joint C-QuIPS-Choosing Wisely Canada Fellow.

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