Rounds are held usually every other month on a Thursday at noon.  Note there is no set date in order to be flexible to accomodate speakers' schedules.  If you would like to be notified of upcoming rounds or if you would like to present your work at upcoming Research or Work in Progress Rounds, please send your email to Lisha Lo at

Invited Speaker Rounds: Thursday, Feb 18th @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Ryan Brydges
Title: Competency by what design? Results of a scoping study and realist synthesis on competency in bedside invasive procedures

Description: Dr. Brydges will report on a recent scoping review he completed on procedural skills training in internal medicine, the results of which raise questions about whether we should be treating competency as a blanket concept. Ryan raises the idea that rather than expecting everyone to be competent, it may be necessary to develop a system where there are streams of proceduralists and non-proceduralists. This thinking, of course, can be extended way beyond procedures.

Invited Speaker Rounds: Tuesday, May 19th @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Martin Marshall
Title: Researcher-in-residence model: practical examples, theoretical and conceptual underpinning, benefits and challenges
Description: Most people involved in improving care for patients would like to think that their decisions are influenced by the best possible research evidence. Most academics would like to think that their research has an impact on patient care. But too often neither of these aspirations are a reality. Academic research is often difficult to access, hard to use and sometimes fails to address the questions of greatest importance to practitioners. One of the reasons for this is the traditional separation of researchers working in the ivory towers of academic institutions, and clinicians and managers working in the swampy lowlands of front line health services.

C-QuIPS/VAQS/CQI Joint Rounds: Friday, May 1st @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Yoel Donchin
Title: Safety is not a commodity – It is a value (or if you like, How to teach HF for safety via eLearning and movies)
Description: After a short (very short) history of the struggle to eradicate medical mishaps, the talk shall demonstrate another approach to create a safety climate in the medical domain based on what we know from cognitive psychology and Human Factors Engineering (*see reading material below). 

RIP Rounds: Friday, February 20th, 2015 @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Lisa K. Hicks
Title: Reframing Overutilization in Healthcare: It's the harms that matter
Description: The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and others have suggested that overutilization is widespread in medicine and may contribute to as much as one-third of healthcare spending. Discussions of overutilization by the IOM and others have tended to focus on the economic aspects of the problem. An alternate, and possibly more effective approach is to focus on the harms that overutilization can cause.

IHPME/C-QuIPS Joint Rounds: Wednesday, Jan 14th, 2015 @ 12-1PM

Speaker: Chris Hayes
Title: Creating highly adoptable improvement: development of a model and tool
Description: Although it is imperative that we improve health care, addressing this challenge can put increased demands on point-of-care providers. Successful implementation requires that workloads and providers' sense of the value of change be acknowledged. Otherwise, an improvement initiative may fail and overburden staff, only contributing to burnout, workarounds, and errors. During this session, the Highly Adoptable Improvement model and toolkit will be presented.