Celebrating Success: CQuIPS Certificate Course Class of 2024 Capstone

CQuIPS Certificate Course graduation class 2024

Months of hard work, dedication and growth culminated at the 2024 Certificate Course Capstone event, where participants had the opportunity to showcase their achievements and reflect on their learning journey. The afternoon included posters presentations, creative and engaging elevator pitches and wonderful opportunities to look back on the past year.

Each poster displayed innovative quality improvement projects and research initiatives undertaken by the new graduating class. From enhancing patient experiences to streamlining healthcare processes, the posters were an insightful look into the important place that QI has in the system. It was evident that the graduates had not only acquired knowledge but had also developed the skills and confidence to effect real change.

The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the elevator pitches, where participants succinctly summarized their projects and key findings. The graduates creatively captivated their peers and mentors, demonstrating their ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. It was clear that the journey through the CQuIPS Certificate Course had not only expanded their knowledge but had also honed their communication and presentation skills.

The graduates were able to reflect on their experiences, expressing gratitude for the support of their peers and instructors throughout the program. We are excited to see these new skills, knowledge and confidence continue to make meaningful impact.


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Dr. Brian Wong, Director of CQuIPS, addressing the graduating class
One of the winning Elevator Pitches in action
An interactive Elevator Pitch
Cake cutting
Not a celebration without cake!
Certificate Course Leadership team deliberates award winners
Certificate Course Co-Director, Bourne Auguste
Most Creative Elevator Pitch Award winner, Paige Reason
Best Elevator Pitch Award winner, Aban Bahbri

By: Camille Borromeo Denbigh

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