CQuIPS/CWC Fellowship Alumni named new associate editor for JAMA Internal Medicine: Teachable Moments

Congratulations to Dr. Billy Silverstein, first year faculty and Healthcare Improvement Fellowship Alumni, for being named the new associate editor for JAMA Internal Medicine’s Teachable Moments section.

Dr. Silverstein is an emerging leader in resource stewardship actively working towards improving the value of care in Canada’s healthcare system. His research addresses low-value care services that can be harmful to patients. 


Billy joined the CQuIPS Healthcare Improvement Fellowship in the Choosing Wisely Canada stream. Each fellow led an improvement project of interest related to reducing low-value care and paired with a quality improvement expert or senior academic lead for one-on-one mentoring. His Healthcare Improvement Fellowship project focused on resource stewardship competencies in medical school education and evaluating the impact of the STARS program. 

In 2022, Dr. Silverstein joined CQuIPS Fellowship partner, Choosing Wisely Canada, serving as the lead of the Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship (STARS) program. STARS is a grassroots medical education program that supports student-led efforts to advance resource stewardship awareness and education. STARS leaders and interest groups are present at all 17 medical schools in Canada. To date, nine student cohorts have participated and involved over 300 medical student leaders.

“The Healthcare Improvement Fellowship through CQuIPS and Choosing Wisely Canada was really valuable for myself as I was looking to hone my expertise in resource stewardship, quality improvement, and patient safety. Becoming embedded in the operations of Choosing Wisely and working closely with national leaders in resource stewardship and quality improvement was an exceptional experience.

“The quality of the speakers and content of the formal curriculum was also exceptional. I am grateful for the skills I have developed as a result of participating in this program and am looking forward to applying them to my new role as a Clinician in Quality and Innovation at the University of Toronto and Teachable Moments Editor at JAMA Internal Medicine.”

Learn more about the CQuIPS/CWC Healthcare Improvement Fellowship program here: https://cquips.ca/healthcare-improvement-fellowship

By: Stephanie Callan (CWC) and Camille Borromeo Denbigh

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