Enabling Multisite QIPS Initiatives Through Data

Reliable data sources are essential for healthcare organizations to prioritize, implement, and evaluate quality improvement activities, yet many initiatives stall due to a lack of timely access to data. This work stream will build on existing data-sharing collaboratives to support TAHSN hospitals with relevant data to successfully identify QIPS targets and track initiative impact.

This work stream’s initial project will focus on delirium: the GEMINI delirium-ID tool, which uses administrative data along with routinely-collected clinical data (patient demographics, labs, medications, imaging, etc.) and is able to measure delirium with 90% accuracy, will provide TAHSN hospitals with unit-level reports about delirium rates, which they can use to identify targets for implementing delirium prevention strategies.

Work Stream Leads

  • Amol Verma
  • Fahad Razak
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