Congratulations to C-QuIPS Members: Jerome Leis, Yulia Lin and Christine Soong on getting a spotlight for their QI work in the recent report by Health Quality Ontario.

According to a new report released earlier this week by Health Quality Ontario and Choosing Wisely Canada, Ontario health care providers are successfully working to provide and improve quality care by reducing unnecessary care to patients across Ontario.
This report showcased leaders that are implementing Choosing Wisely Canada Recommendations to Improve Quality of Care and featured examples of successful programs led by clinical leaders some of which are successful QI projects implemented by C-QuIPS Members:Dr. Jerome Leis on Using Catheters Wisely at Sunnybrook Health Science CentreDr. Yulia Lin on Ontario Transfusion Quality Improvement Plan at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and Dr. Christine Soong on Reducing Unnecessary Sedative-Hypnotic Use In Hospitalized Patients at Mount Sinai Hospital.
To learn more about these projects and Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations being implemented by Ontario’s clinical community, click here to read the full report.

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